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Duration: Day Tour
Location: Boyne Valley, Co. Meath, Ireland

Day Tour  |  Fully Guided

You will be visiting 3 of the most important ancient sacred sites in Ireland and will be fully immersed in the ancient wisdom and beliefs of the mystical land of Eire. Visiting these ancient places of power can awaken ancestral memories and inner knowing. The Book of the Golden Flower states ” Visiting Sacred Places awakens the Great Man within” and its my hope that everyone who takes this journey will get a “sense” of that as well as having great fun exploring the beautiful Irish country side and the wisdom of the ancestors.

Hill of Uisneach
Cat Stone
Iron Age Fort
Site of the Celitc Bealtine Fire Festival
Resting place of the Goddess Eiru and the God Lugh
Hunting place of the Tuath de Dane – semi punic rulers of ancient Ireland.

Loughcrew Cairns
Hill of Witches – site of over 30 Megalithic Mounda (3,500 BC).
Walk among the ancient mounds – considered ports to the other wolrd.
Giant’s Chair
Cairn T is aligned with the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes

Hill of Tara
Procession Fort of the High Kings
Rath of the Synoa
Mound of the Hostages ( c. 3,500 BC)
Fort of the Kings
Stone of Destiny

Additional Costs
* Lunch not included in tour price.
* Admission to Uisneach €10, min. number 5.

A maximum of 10 people can be accommodated on this tour.


Hill of Uisneagh

The Spiritual centre of pre Celtic Ireland. The home of the Tuatha De Dannan, the ancient Gods of Irish Mythology. The ancient Irish gathered on this hill to celebrate the great fire festival of Bealtine in May each year ( and still do to this day ). Its renowned for the Cat Stone ( Ail na Mirenn — the stone of the portions ) which marks the exact centre of Ireland and the place where the country is divided into the four provinces. The Goddess Eriu is buried under the great Cat Stone and the Sun God, Lugh, is also buried on this sacred site. We will also visit the ruins of an Irish Iron Age Ring Fort.

Loughcrew Cairns

We will explore the ancient Megalithic Mounds of Loughcrew ,sometimes called The Hill of the Witches , and dated to 3,500 BC. We will visit the different Cairns and the history which talks about these mounds as not just tombs but as places of power and Gateways to the Otherworld ie Dimensional Portals.

Hill Of Tara

The Hill of Tara is a place of spiritual power where the Celts when they arrived in Ireland (circa 500 BC) established there main ceremonial centre. Tara was the coronation site of the High Kings of Ireland and was also a Druidic academy and we will explore these fascinating historical themes as we walk the site. We will walk the ancient processional route, take the “ High King “test at the stone of Destiny, try our hand at dowsing looking for energy lines, visit the Mound of the Hostages ( circa 3,500 BC), discuss the magical powers of the Druids and finish at the Fairy Tree.

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